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Live Successfully! course

The 12-part Success Plan
 That's Been Kept Secret
For 80 Years!

Could this 12-part plan reveal your hidden talents and 
transform your life to enjoy money, fame, status and the
freedom of financial independence?

What does 'success' mean to you?

Is it building the business of your dreams? Or achieving excellence in your job or obtaining a new job with a higher position and salary? Achieving financial independence? Providing unlimited opportunities for your loved ones? What would it take to make all your dreams come true?

Here is a secret that might just hold the key to your success, and it is a secret I guarantee you have NEVER seen before!

I discovered this rare Plan and have exclusively arranged to have it republished here so I can share it with like minded achievers.   You won't read about this anywhere else.  So what is this plan all about then and how can it help you make money and achieve your goals?

This plan could enable you to accomplish more in the next few months than most people accomplish in a lifetime but what is crazy is that it has been kept secret for nearly 80 years!

It's a secret that goes back to the time of the Great Depression. . .

In the 1930's, a team of "success" experts were called in by a national newspaper in London, England to help create a unique book that would help ordinary people achieve levels of success they could never normally dream of.

The carefully selected team was made up of top professionals who had already achieved above-average success in their own lives and included doctors. . . psychologists. . . writers. . . scientists. . . teachers. . . and business leaders.

But there was a problem.Success Experts Assembled

Although a formula for success and happiness was discovered, the experts agreed it was different for each person. Therefore, how could a single book contain a "one-size-fits-all" formula for success that could be used by anybody?

The book had to do more than just inspire people. It could not contain any difficult texts, nothing weird or strange and no hocus-pocus tricks. It had to be practical and so easy to read a child could understand it.

In a time when competition was fierce, opportunities were non-existent and money was hard to come by, the project was designed to work in the real world and get lasting results.

After months of hard work and many revisions the solution became clear. The answer was talents. These hidden riches are the starting point in all success. The next question became clear - how do you discover your hidden talents? And more importantly, how do you develop them to bring you wealth and personal success?

The project evolved in to a 12-part course, each lesson is a complete book in its own right revealing practical principles and strategies in a focused area of success development. Together, the 12 books form one of the most comprehensive resources and success plans ever created.

The course was published and printed into 12 hard-back books. With the help of the newspaper who started the project, the course was released to the public and became a great success proving powerful to hundreds of thousands of people in a time when the rest of the world was suffering in an economic depression.

The project was called "Live Successfully" and has remained a secret ever since.


Complete self-development success course

Greatest Gold-Mine of Proven Success Strategies Ever 
Crammed into One Big Course ...

Not everyone suffered during the Great Depression. Records show more people became millionaires during this time than in any other time in history. In the year the books were released, a millionaire was worth $50,007,880 by todays money!

If you could go back in time and buy a copy of the entire course for yourself, you would need the equivalent of $423.96!!

Sadly, the original publishers have long since parted and it seems most of the original secret 12 books were lost or destroyed during the Second World War, which is why very few people even know of its existence.

You only need to read a few pages of the first lesson to realise how powerful this course is. The Live Successfully System is a very practical course, designed before there was even a self-help industry like we have today.

Which is what makes the course really stand out.

The teachings are written by experts, masters of their fields and the strategies are pure, simple and hard-hitting. The books were not written to flatter a single author's ego or make an author rich and famous - they were designed to get results and make money for the readers.Letter From Daily Herald

That is why this course is so unique and powerful.

When the course was first published, thousands of people benefited from the lessons, but today, there are only a handful of the original lessons left in the world. This is a real forgotten long-lost success system.

The secret 12 books of the Live Successfully course are so up-to-date, it's almost unbelievable. Sure, the language is a little old fashioned but no worse than "Think and Grow Rich" and the strategies are still so valid that Anthony Robbins teaches some of them as "cutting edge"!

What I thought was just an interesting musty old success course turned out to be the single most important purchase I ever made.

Very few people even know of its existence today, which is why I fondly refer to the books as the Secret 12. And it's for this reason that I have decided to share this information with other like-minded people who want to make changes in their life.

Under special agreement, we have secured exclusive worldwide publishing rights to republish the full Live Successfully System for a limited time in electronic format. This is an exclusive opportunity for you to access this fantastic course which is not available ANYWHERE else in the world - not through book stores and not online. If you're lucky, you may find some of the original books in old used book stores.

When I say this course is rare, I mean RARE!

As the Live Successfully System was designed as a highly organized 12-book step-by-step plan, we've decided to keep to the original format. Now, for the first time in nearly 80 years, you have the opportunity to use these secret 12-books in your life to get what you want.


How to Find and Develop the Hidden Riches Within You

Step-by-step this course will take you along a new road of understanding and discovery - opening up to you a life that is richer in its possibilities of happiness and success.

Perhaps you have that feeling of being "bottled up". . . of being forced to do many things you dislike or being unable to do the things you really want to do. Book 8 reveals The Secret of Self-Expression - the sure way out of this dangerous condition of repression and frustration.

It will give you the key to the kind of action you should take. It will reveal outlets for your energies, some of which may prove to be even more profitable than your daily work. More than just a self-help course, these secret 12-books contain many precious secrets and a lot of valuable information which no one who is serious about their success can afford to miss. 

"I’m always on the lookout for valuable material that can add value to your life.

At first I was somewhat skeptical, but with further investigation I discovered that this system really does contain proven principles and success strategies that explain the exact steps to money, fame, status and the freedom of financial independence.

I’m big on practical. There is so much theory out there that it is refreshing to discover some practical wisdom in the world of ‘self development’.

If you really want to know what success is, how to achieve it and how your hidden talents can help you live a happy, rich and successful life, you need to investigate this amazing course."
Peter G. James Sinclair

Here are some of the powerful strategies you will discover when you open this Course:

SuccessTalents: your key to success, happiness and wealth!

SuccessDevelop unshakable self-confidence

SuccessHow to increase your earning capacity

SuccessHow to get a better job or start your own business

SuccessTap into the dynamic force that will achieve your goals faster

SuccessHow to shine out above all your colleagues at work and be both successful and popular!

SuccessWhy understanding psychology is 1,000 times more important than understanding technology!

SuccessRelax easily

SuccessFeel more powerful

SuccessSharpen your ability to think, speak and write with more power and punch

SuccessA simple trick that makes you appear more intelligent than you really are!

SuccessHow to get rid of an inferiority complex

SuccessYour improve your memory

SuccessLearn the secrets of sound sleep

SuccessOvercome stress and illness - enjoy more radiant health

SuccessHow to psycho-analyze yourself

SuccessAttract your perfect partner

SuccessBe confident in the company of others

SuccessAcquire a winning personality

SuccessEnjoy a successful marriage

SuccessHow to improve your conversation

SuccessMake friends easily and avoid being rejected

SuccessRecognise your real aims in life - no matter what anyone tries to tell you

SuccessUnleash the powerful forces of your mind

SuccessHow to plan your future for ultimate success


"I have seen thousands of sites, used lots of products, read many books and have experienced all kinds of programs. I know a good thing when I see it, and THIS IS!

What I most love about these books is that the strategies, concepts and principles are just as powerful today as they were back in the 1930s.

A magnificent collection of books. These are IMPRESSIVE."
Thea Westra

Thea Westra


Are You Serious About Your Self-Development Success?

If you are serious about your success and equally serious about your personal development, this recent discovery could enable you to accomplish more in the next year than most people accomplish in a lifetime.

But this plan isn't for everyone. There is a slight problem with these books that not everyone will accept.

Original Book 12 Life Plan for Success

Let me explain.

I have published the course completely unabridged for your full enjoyment. But, the problem with the books is some of the words used are old fashioned.

Don't get me wrong, the principles and strategies are timeless and are still mega effective today. But some of the language is a little stilted by today's standards, and it doesn't reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Things like race, the supposition that women don't work and reference to male gender in terms of "man-of-action" would be ridiculed if it was written today.

But the strategies, concepts and principles are just as powerful today as they were back in the 1930's. We've kept it original and pure because I couldn't bear the thought of some editor "hacking" the material to death in order to modernize it.

The actual writing is top of its class, very clear and easy to understand - after all it was written by professional teachers, doctors and business leaders. There are no mystical hocus-pocus sentences, this is a practical plan designed for the real world.

So if you are easily offended by older writings, this course may be too controversial for you. If however, you are serious about your success, and can overlook the odd word here and there, this could be the most important download of your life. If you like the original version of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which was written at a similar time, then you will love this!


Here They Are, The Complete, Powerful, Undiluted, 100 per cent Pure,
Secret 12 Book Success Plan with all Their Original Magic


Book 1 - How To Discover The Real YouSecret Book 1

How to Discover the Real You

You learn how to find and develop the hidden riches within you - you discover your real self - your true character - your "type" - your "assets" - your real interests and plan in getting the most out of life. With the body, mind and spirit with which you have been equipped, you can create the richest and fullest and most balanced life you possibly can - success is within your reach.


 Book 2 - You Need Not Feel Inferior


Secret Book 2

You Need Not Feel Inferior

Explains the causes of what is to many a great handicap in life - the "inferiority feeling" - we are all at times, in a greater or lesser degree, subject to it. This book shows how to overcome it - how to gain confidence - how to harness your feelings and make them a driving force towards your success!

Book 3 - Conquering Fear and Worry 

Secret Book 3

Conquering Fear and Worry

This next great step brings you to the happy, disciplined state of mind essential to the success of your plan to "Live Successfully" - you learn how to face life - how to combat morbid fears, how to eliminate worry, doubt and fear from your consciousness, and win courage and power that will help your progress to success.


Book 4 - Memory Concentration and Habit 

Secret Book 4

Memory, Concentration and Habit

Shows you how your Habits can help you forward instead of holding you back - how you can use and control your imagination - how to cultivate and increase your will-power - improve your powers of concentration and attention, and thus, develop better memory, greater ability to reason soundly, judge wisely and plan skillfully.

Book 5 - How To Control Your Nerves 

Secret Book 5

How To Control Your Nerves

You approach one of todays greatest problems, the result of high-speed living and working. It is worth possessing this course for this section alone. This book shows you how to relax - how to adjust your life to the stresses and strains of modern living - how to combat that over-wrought feeling that comes to all of us at times. In this book, you learn some invaluable secrets about acquiring the right outlook on life. Discover how to succeed easily and without tension.


Secret Book 6Book 6 - Sex and You

Sex and You

Introduces a problem that has far reaching effects on almost every aspect of life. The previous sections will have prepared you for the vital knowledge in this book. It shows you the importance of sex in almost everything you do. It reveals in a frank, intimate, yet pleasant manner the great part played by sex in your plan to "Live Successfully" telling what you should know and do about this vital aspect of life.

Book 7 - How To Make Friends and be Persuasive 


Secret Book 7

How To Make Friends and be Persuasive

You cannot be lonely and happy. This inspiring section of the course tells you how to enrich your life through others - the secret of making people like you - how to "put yourself across" - how to understand others - how to judge them - how to interest, convince and persuade those with whom you come into contact - how to arouse their enthusiasm - how to make them glad to do things for you.

 Book 8 - The Secret of Self Expression

Secret Book 8

The Secret of Self-Expression

This book reveals the secrets of one of the most important accomplishments in everyday life - the Art of Self-Expression - how to keep up to date with your years - how to act to achieve ambitions - how to choose the right hobby most suited to your character - how to say what you mean effectively in speech or writing. In this book, the great help of the previous sections - the way they can mould and develop and improve - will become more apparent to you.

Book 9 - Making a Success of Your Job 

Secret Book 9

Making a Success of Your Job

This section helps you to discover whether you are in the right job - it tells you how to look for work and how to write for it or conduct yourself in an interview. It shows you how to plan for promotion - how to improve your position - how to take stock of yourself - to know your own mind - how to train - create happiness in your work - fit yourself for responsibility - how to get the "knack" of leadership.

Book 10 - How To Develop Your Personality 


Secret Book 10

How to Develop Your Personality

When you get this book you will be ready, equipped by all you have read in the previous sections, to face and conquer this all important subject of "personality". This book shows you how to develop and create in yourself a marked, pleasing personality. You learn how to make your life harmonise with those around you - how to control your emotions and strengthen your character - how to be a person whose presence is "felt".

Book 11 - How To Acquire Knowledge and Culture 

Secret Book 11

How to Acquire Knowledge and Culture

Here in this section is the plan for enriching your mind - thinking accurately - understanding people and affairs - keeping abreast of the times - getting the best out of your newspaper and radio (and this now applies to the Internet) - benefiting from everything you read - the art of criticism and appreciation - broadening your mind - getting a "background". This book helps you to acquire the invaluable art of "taking it all in" - rejecting the useless, retaining the good.


Book 12 - Life Plan for Success and Happiness


Secret Book 12

Life Plan for Success and Happiness

This final section is one of the most vital of all. Here are the crowning points of paramount importance to the plan you will have developed. This book shows you how you stand on the threshold of "Living Successfully". You will see clearly the way to your real Life Plan. You will see how many of the troubles of life can be overcome. You will learn how to get full value from the course and to come to a great understanding of the art of "Living Successfully".




If You've Got 30 Minutes a day,
I Guarantee a Wealthier, Healthier, More Successful You

Think what this course could accomplish for you. How much more money could you earn this year if you could successfully. . .

. . . develop your talents

. . . gain confidence

. . . improve your powers of concentration

. . . improve your memory

. . . influence people

. . . develop a winning personality

. . . improve your position at work

. . . start a new business

Just one of these secret books could be the key you've been searching for.

If you can spare just 30 minutes a day to go through the course, and let the system work for you, you'll notice things start to happen almost immediately.

So what's all this going to cost you?

If you could go back in time and buy a copy of the entire course for yourself, you would need the equivalent of $423.96 in today's money which makes each book worth over $35.

And let's be honest, $35 for such a professionally well written book is a bargain. Especially when you consider each book has had the attention of several experts. Doctors, psychologists, business leaders, writers, teachers have all examined the various parts which their knowledge covers. Suggestions were made, ideas incorporated, whole books written two or three times after that.

Now that we've have done all the hard work and made Live Successfully available once again online in digital format, the secret 12-books can be downloaded in full without expensive printing or shipping costs.

success ebook



The Live Successfully eCourse contains 12 PDF digital eBooks, each with between 48-58 pages - over 651 in total!

You can open the PDFs on almost any computer because PDF files were made to open and look the same on Windows/Macs/Unix.




Every single page of the original 772 pages of the books have been personally re-typed exactly as they were! This is not some quick scan hack job that is difficult to read. Every word, on every page, has been typed out so you can easily read it on your computer, kindle or e-reader in clear format.

You'll be pleased to know, you can download the entire course in full for less than one book would have cost you 80 years ago. Remember, if you could go back in time and buy a copy of the entire course for yourself, you would need the equivalent of $423.96!!

You can buy the full Secret 12 Books of the Live Successfully System today for just $29.99! FREE!

That's it. There is nothing further to pay and all 12 Secret Books can be downloaded direct to your computer and read instantly or printed out or saved to your e-reader - whatever you like.


 Try The Secret 12 Live Successfully Course - Risk Free - For 60 Days
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A Wealthier, Healthier, More Successful You
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If at any time during the next 60 days the Secret 12 Books of the Live Successfully system haven't made a valuable and profitable difference in your life, or for any other reason, I guarantee you a full and prompt refund.

I know you are skeptical, many other old books are out-dated and offer little in terms of real practical usable information. What makes this course different are the authors behind it - a true Master Mind group that designed this information to get real results for  real people in the real world.

Over one hundred thousand people benefited when the course was first published all those years ago and I'm confident it will work for you too - today - if you let it. I won't ask you to "believe" it. I will ask you to just try it - and judge for yourself.

Success Guaranteed

  Paul Williams Publisher
Paul Williams, Publisher

If you like the idea of getting an original success system, undiluted and not messed with the latest 'guru' adding his or her 'twist', if you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you're going to absolutely love this course!

These serious experts give you authentic advice on how to Live Successfully and make your life what you dreamed it could be. Don't pass up this opportunity for a mere $29.99 FREE, especially when we offer a FULL money back guarantee.

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The Live Successfully Home Study eCourse is available in PDF "Adobe Acrobat" form, which can be read on any computer or operating system. The download page will explain the simple steps and show you how easy it is to download and start.

This 12 book plan is one of the greatest secrets I have ever found for achieving real success. Written by a team of professionals including doctors, psychologists, writers, teachers and business leaders - it has made a profound difference in my own life and will open your eyes to the tremendous possibilities within you of making a success of your life.

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Can self-development really make such a massive difference in your life?  The only person who can really answer this is you.  Don't believe it until you see it.  Try it out in your life today, you really have nothing to lose.  If I'm wrong, this experiment will have cost you nothing.

But what if I'm right?

Sincere Wishes,

  Paul Williams Director of Click Success 

Paul Williams




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